You’ve got data. Now what?

In 1910, Scottish writer and poet Andrew Lang said, “He uses statistics as a drunken man uses lampposts—for support rather than illumination.”

Many businesses continue to use data to support their decisions instead of drive their actions. But why? After all, data is really only valuable if you can translate it into actionable insights.

Gaining these insights starts with figuring out what you want from your data — finding its value. Here we will talk about the questions you should ask regarding the context, need, vision and outcome of your data. We offer a helpful framework for turning that data into meaningful stories and business successes.

Why ROI?

Why ROI?

At the core of the problem, is the fact that marketers do not have the needed visibility into how their participation impacts their sales cycle (a lack of a measurable ROI)

Source: 2013 CMO - E2AM Customer Attainment from Event Engagement Study
  • 83.3% of respondents stated their primary goal was to conduct business with attendees (Source: Core Concept Solutions)
  • 73% of respondents found face to face marketing (tradeshows, conferences, channel events) essential and very valuable to doing business
  • 64% of respondents declared face to face marketing important as a source for new prospects and business opportunities, lead gathering, prospect cultivation and client re-enforcement
  • 67% of respondents said tracking ROI and potential payback are the strongest influencers in the decision to invest in face to face marketing event
  • Key trends: 40% of respondents are cutting back on large tradeshow participation in favor of smaller more targeted events, 44% are hosting their own customer centric events and bringing in their channel partners
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